Über uns

trendfairs – Der Premiumanbieter für Spezialmessen

Wir sind ein unabhängiger Messeveranstalter mit exzellentem Event-Know-how und feinem Marktgespür. Unser Ziel ist, alle unsere Messen zum Erfolg für Aussteller wie Besucher zu machen. Unsere Leidenschaft gilt der Faszination für das Besondere, für das Außergewöhnliche – für das Schaffen von Erlebniswelten mit hoher Anziehungskraft. So machen wir Messen besser und Aussteller erfolgreicher. Wir lieben Inspiration und leben Perfektion.

Michael Rambach

Creative head and responsible for the company’s strategic orientation:

"Networks, intensive communication with exhibitors and visitors, the courage to do something new and pursue our visionthese are the factors that contribute to our success."

Ulrike Rohde

Responsible for personnel and finance as well as the operating business:

"Combining different perspectives, exploring new paths and seeing the results: this is what I am passionate about."

Marc Röder

Responsible for organisation, marketing and sales:

"Each project is unique and receives our unlimited attention and commitment to become an exceptional success."

Claudia Weidner

Responsible for operations and strategy:

"Trade fairs are my passion - building and expanding networks, bringing supply and demand together, presenting innovations."

Arian Kiesling

Responsible for the technical organization:

"My task is to implement your trade show appearance technically optimal. For questions about the technical execution and advice, as well as the planning, the process and the individual support on site, you can contact me at any time. The team of trendfairs GmbH realizes your ideas for the market of the future."

Yasemin Eker

Responsible for all about the exhibitor support:

Contact me if you have any questions about your stand booking, technical equipment, invoices and general requests.

Sylvia Rasek

Responsible for all marketing devices:

Contact me regarding your advertisment and promotion topics, press releases and the public relations - I am looking forward to get in dialogue with you!

Christine Linz

Responsible for visitor service and backoffice issues:

I am the first point of contact for visitors. I am responsible for administrative matters and tend to pull the strings in the background.

Nora Täumer

Responsible for graphics, logos and designing details:

I am the creative head in the team and I have an eye on CI and design.”

Margarita Mankovskaia

Responsible for accounting:

“Every amount, every account assignment, debit and credit runs across my desk. Whether you're a creditor or debtor, you've come to the right place.”